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Educational platform designed for people that wants to learn how to do it there own.

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About Solo Network

Solo Network LLC was created in 2020 by it’s very own Singer/Producer/Songwriter/Entrepreneur E Will Also known as Solo E.

E Will wanted to create a educational self-made community platform to help others grow as a brand/product/musician. His creative mind grew and E Will wanted to give the information that he was taught through-out his life from Forex Trading & Digital Marketing.

Solo Network has multiped trading courses from learning how to trade Currencies/Options/Forex. Not only that Solo E created a platform to help musician / brands / Inventor establish there own marketing tactic so they don’t have to pay someone else to do it for them.

“Why not learn how to do it yourself”

In this community you will learn the bases of Forex Trading , Music Marketing , Brand Marketing, Digital Marketing and potentially learn how you can start or grow your own digital marketing agency.